Thursday, 18 July 2024
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The Strategy Company
GetAPlan.Africa is a planning and strategy consulting firm for business owners in South Africa and Africa, providing bankable strategy and business plans, for business owners and investors. GetAPlan.Africa is a data-driven strategy firm, powered by an ideology of "unconventionality comes with Perspective", that is it infuses in each assignment. GetAPlan.Africa provides strategy services such as Opportunity Assessment Reports, Business Plans, and Management Consulting.

The Foundations
GetAPlan Africa was born out of the Market Intelligence Unit of Cabanga Media Group (Pty) Ltd, where its intelligence services grew the balance sheet, markets, investment of the media group. As the group became popular to select business clients, GetAPlan started venturing outside the group to offer same services, shaping the success story. The strategy firm moved from to becoming GetAPlan.Africa as demand increased and the portfolio increased. From inception, June 2019, GetAPlan Africa has crafted bankable strategy for diverse businesses in South Africa, and seven other African countries, raising R500 million in investment and working Capital.

Going Global with Strategy
Since 2022, GetAPlan.Africa begun directly serving a global investment clientele, with investors from the UAE, China, and the United Kingdom signing up for strategy and bankable business plan services, in industries such as Energy and Gas, Mining, Agriculture, Motor Vehicle Manufacturing, Digital Banking, and Construction.

Data-Driven Strategy
GetAPlan.Africa is a data-driven strategy firm, founded by a Data Maestro who has been in Data since 2005, forming the foundations of what is a leading intelligence based strategy firm, that solves strategy with data for decision-making. GetAPlan.Africa is a partner to, a market research and media company, working together to collect data, for analysis and reporting.

The Industries
GetAPlan Africa provided strategy and fundable plans to businesses in Farming, Luxury, Amusement and Entertainment, Medical Supplies, Digital Banking, Motor Vehicle Manufacturing, Constrcution, Energy and Gas, Auto-Repairs, Telecommunications, Solar Installation, Media, Management Consulting, Advertising Agency, Household Detergents, Beauty Care, and Market Research.
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